I started in design and marketing over ten years ago while going to art school for 3D modeling and animation.  Part of my animation program was graphic design, video, photography and web design.  We had to learn everything about design so that we could promote ourselves while getting work.  I was working at a plastic surgery practice answering phones and making appointments.  We had various advertisers come in to sell us ads and marketing.  The ads they presented to us were designed in Microsoft Word and looked terrible.  So I decided to try my hand at designing ad for the practice.  After my first ad, the practice decided that I was going to be their designer moving forward.  So we never accepted an ad from a sales person again and did all our marketing and design in house.  I worked my way up through the practice doing marketing and design for the business.  

From that start in the plastic surgery business, I eventually partnered up with a web developers and Marine Corps veteran to launch our own marketing business, Digital Magic Studios.  That business failed in two years.  So why mention one of my biggest failures?  Because failing is how you learn.  I'd never want to work with someone who didn't fail at something.  If they didn't fail, they didn't try and they didn't learn.  That experience taught me a lot.  What I learned I used to get other work, both for a medical start up and as a freelance designer.  

I once again worked my way up at Lifestyle Healthcare Group, first as their graphic designer and moving up to Director of Marketing.  Working for a start up forces you to think on your feet.  Sometimes your budget may be slim or even non-existent and you still have to figure out how to promote the business.  You have to make do with the equipment you have rather than professional equipment or contractors.  Being in a position like that forces you to be creative with what you can do.  That is a far more valuable skill than most people realize.  While working with Lifestyle, I still do freelance design and marketing helping small businesses and medical practices get started.  Every client is different in what they need and who they are.  I find that fun and exciting.  Every job I get to do something new, learn more and help another business grow.  What more could you ask for?  

So if you're just getting started or need to freshen up your look and marketing, I can help you. Just send me a message and see what I can do for you.